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30 September 2008 @ 08:45 pm
I just made venison with sauteed mushrooms and onions in red wine and it was delicious.
11 August 2008 @ 08:07 pm
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13 July 2006 @ 11:29 pm
I will update later [never] about my trip & etc but right now I have only one purpose.

The following is the product of Emily Zevon, myself, and a long car ride to Syracuse in order to see Meatloaf & Cyndi Lauper in concert. I have no excuse, and I am really just far to embarrassed to even think of one. You can judge me if you want; I don't even care at this point. This was found by Emily in a spiral-bound 100-page notebook. I've typed everything as it was written on the page (excluding my notes).

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08 July 2006 @ 11:50 am
In two hours I am going on a random trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania with my father & sisters. I was just informed of this two days ago. I like my father because is is not very good at planning in advance, and neither am I. By the time the plans are ready to be carried out, I never want to do them anymore. I think my limit is probably like three days in advance.

This morning I set my alarm for 6 am because I had to go to work. My alarm is my cell phone, and I just put it on vibrate and put it on the pillow next to me. So this morning, it vibrated, and I just turned it down and got in the shower because I didn't have much time to get ready. I got out of the shower and looked to see how much time I had left...and it was definitely 4:17 am. I don't know how I manage these things. I don't even know if my phone really vibrated; I may have been imagining it. I had a missed call from like 2:30 am but I don't think it would tell me I had a missed call for that long. I don't know. I ended up just going back to bed. Sleeping with wet hair is really very uncomfortable.

Work this morning was good; I worry that I'm actually beginning to accept this forty-hour work week as normal and will one day just decide not to go back to college and just stay with Independent Health for the next fifty years.

Speaking of college, I hate it. I have to live freaking all the way in GLC. I am enraged, genuinely. I don't even know what to do.

Last night I really for some reason needed to see Don Juan DeMarco. So I went over to Amanda's to steal it from her and visited with her & Rachel for a little while, and then returned home and watched only the first half hour before I passed out due to exhaustion.

Also last night I went to my grandmother's house for dinner. She lives in Italianville, USA. We had pizza & paninis for dinner and homemade cannolis for dessert. Excellent. She's approx. 85 and still smokes.

On Thursday after work I went with Charlie to Niagara Glen, which was probably one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I can't believe how many millions of times prettier the Canadian side is than ours. Afterwards we ate dinner at ...some place I forget, and I had chicken thai salad that was very good. We were surrounded by the strangest people in existence, and the guy who seated us looked like Cameron from Ten Things I Hate About You. I drove my car, and I was very proud of it for not breaking down on the way there or back. I was also very proud of myself for not being very nervous at customs and refraining from blurting out that we had lethal & illegal weapons stashed in the car. I don't even think they ended up asking us for ID. I wish I could go there all the time but it turns out that i am in the worst shape ever, which is not really a shape suited for climbing up & down rocks.

I'm actually really excited about this trip for some reason. The car ride is long, which means no excuses to not be reading. I can't believe I'm not tired right now. Or hungry.

I was feeling very unsatisfied with how I ended this entry, but then I realized- it's only livejournal.
18 June 2006 @ 10:43 pm
This week/end was probably one of the best in my entire life. I spent it with so many people and in so many places. I contribute a great deal of my happiness to the fact that I got my car back, finally. It only takes me $25 to fill the tank and I do a little dance every time I put gas into it because I am so thankful that I'm not paying like $50. Actually, the phrase "every time" there was wrong, because I've only filled it once so far. But I plan to do it from now on.

Coffee with Aryelle
I'm not sure when exactly this took place. It may have been last weekend. BUT it was wonderful, to be sure. Ary picked me up and we went to Cafe Aroma. I had never been there before but it was very good. I had a cranberry scone. We talked about mothers, LOST, and probably some other non-important things, like marriage.

Game Night at Aryelle's
I played Risk with Aryelle, Courtney, Kenny, and Suzy. Other people were present, including Suzette, of course. I like these people a great deal, and I also met some new ones! Kenny dominated at Risk, even though Courtney Suzy Aryelle and I all had an alliance against him. It's because he's so freaking intimidating.

Beth Sleepoverrrrrrrrr
This is another activity from last weekend, when my parents were out of town. Beth and I basically just watched dumb videos on YouTube and MXC and like...the worst things ever. Unreal. There was nothing else to do, in our defense. We resolved to learn how to dance. Also to volunteer at a nursing home.

LOST at Care's House Take One
The following night, Ary invited me to view Season Two of LOST at Care's house. Obviously, since LOST is my healthiest of addictions, I could not refuse. On the way to Care's (DRIVING MY OWN CAR AWESUM), I was at a stoplight next to a cute boy. I followed him into Mighty Taco. We had a short conversation. Is this normal? Emmy told me that one time she almost got into a car accident because she was looking at a cute boy, but she is usually not normal, so I worry about myself. At Care's house, some of my favourite people in the universe were assembled. Elle and Kenny, Care of course, and THIS DAY AND AGE, in our first(?) reunion since prom. What an excellent bunch. Also I met someone named Charlie, who was a good person to meet. It was fun to watch LOST with people who hadn't seen the season yet. Actually, it was just fun to watch because that show is so freaking amazing. It kept me at Care's house until arrpox. 1:30 am, even though I had work the next day.

LOST at Care's House Take Two
Again! Pretty much the same people were there, and I think we ended up watching through the thirteenth episode. I left at like three in the morning, even though Aryelle had gone home an hour earlier. After every episode we were like, 'okay, one more for REAL.' Kenny was the main advocate for the 'one more' plan. My favourite part of the night was Charlie making Aryelle drive his little brother home when she left so that he could stay and watch LOST. I also liked pretty much every word that came out of Flare's mouth, including but not limited to "boobs" and "poop."

Night Out with JEM
JEM is a cute acronym that I made up just now and it stands for Johanna, Emmy, & Mel. I forget exactly what we did. I'm pretty sure we just sat in the basement for a real long time and talked about watching a movie but it never occurring.

Hanging Out with my Sister's Friends
Is it strange that I like them more than some of my own? Quinn is sixteen, so it's not that large of an age difference. Everything she says is honestly the funniest thing ever. I spent the day tanning/swimming/hot tubbing with Quinn and Bri and Kelsey.

Garage Sale MADNESS
I went to Beth's garage sale for Jeffrey's scholarship fund and they had the greatest amount of stuff I have ever ever seen at a garage sale in my life. I bought a gigantic Sabres pillow, and a set of Children's Encyclopedias from 1985. You may think this is an odd thing to buy, but it is not. Because it is comprised of sixteen volumes of thisCollapse )

Father's Day
I had initially planned to write out the whole history of my relationship with my father but that would definitely be a bad idea. So instead I will just write down the activities of the day, like every other livejournal entry. I drove over to his house at noon and we visited the graves of my grandfathers, which is a very sad thing to do. But good for memories. Afterwards we ate lunch and went to the Niagara Gorge. This is my favourite activity in the entire world, without exception. Especially with my father. It's such a beautiful place. I could sit with my feet in the river for hours. We ended up going on a five mile hike that culminated in 427 stairs, which my sister made me travel up nonstop. It was horrible. And probably very unhealthy for me, as I almost passed out afterwards. Brianna had no sympathy. We returned home and made dinner for dad and then bblah blalh albahaha this is lame.

I actually picked up people's phone calls, and I even called Johanna to hang out with her. I don't know what is going on with me. Maybe it is just a phase.

I look forward to work now, which is something new for me. I have an hour for lunch and I walk to Stabucks to see Johanna or Steve's Pets to play with puppies, or SoupHerb to eat fantastic sandwiches. Tomorrow if it's nice I want to go to Glen Park. And maybe eat the really overpriced granola I purchased in a doomed attempt to be healthier. I also like the work part of work, now that I am slowly memorizing diagnosis codes and deciphering everyone's ailments. There are a surprising number of cases of rectal bleeding, which I didn't really care to know about. Mostly they're lame things like diabetes or back pain. Be more creative, people.

Pictures from the Corning Museum of Glass that I Didn't go to and Now Regret:
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24 February 2006 @ 10:22 pm
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02 February 2006 @ 12:10 am
How much do I love Leslie Feist?
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In other news, I really love my job. Which is something I do not get to say very often. But in this case it is ten thousand percent true.

Katie and I tried to get ice cream today but there was none.

Radio show went all right last night, except I received an angry phone message from Beth because I forgot to tell her which station it was, even though she could have figured it out on her own but she is a foolish human. I can't wait until summer when we will have horrible full-time jobs together ♥

Claire began a drum circle made of pots and pans outside tonight and was told by security that "the phones were ringing off the hook" with complaints. This is probably one of the reasons that we're best friends.

ALSO, I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THIS: http://www.brandonbird.com/svutines.html

What else?
I don't know :(
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Read it while you listen to the song, seriously. I can't even think about how long I spent on this.
24 January 2006 @ 11:55 pm
I have many things to discuss, and most of them fall within the range of little – no importance.

1. K-Fed. Especially his display in the following video:
In Portuguese it means 'bring your ass' Honestly? Popozao? Are you even a little bit Brazillian? More importantly, are you reading the reviews? Plz stick to impregnating women and then living off of their wages. Think about it.

2. Augusten Burroughs>James Frey. It’s just a fact. Actually I am just bitter because James Frey broke my (and Oprah’s) heart. But I did just read Magical Thinking by Mr. Burroughs and it was very entertaining. Especially the following passage:

A child kicked me.

“What the fuck?” I said, looking down and seeing a young Chinese girl with a vinyl Hello Kitty knapsack.

She laughed, and then she kicked me again, harder.

I looked at her parents, but they both had dead, distant faces. The resigned expressions of older parents who had accidentally had a child, late in life. No doubt their little girl had kicked them both senseless, and now they were oblivious.

But I was not oblivious. And I was not amused.

“Stop that,” I said, leaning down and speaking into the top of her head. “Don’t kick.”

She kicked again.

The little fucker. I bent down. “Do you speak English?” I asked, sweetly. I smiled. “Do you speak English, you little cutie pie?”

She nodded, gave a little giggle, and then stepped on my toes, which were exposed through the straps of my sandals.

I immediately stopped smiling and narrowed my eyes. I whispered, “You kick me one more time you little cocksucker, and once we get on the boat, I’ll push your mother into the ocean, and she’ll die. And then I’ll hurt your daddy. And then I’ll be your new daddy and I’ll take you home with me.”

She moved quickly to the other side of her parents, where she kept a wary, silent eye on me.


3. Being on the radio: not so jazzed about it, after last-minute switches and general chaos. We were scheduled for Mondays from 8-10pm which worked wonderfully for both Claire and I. But we were suddenly asked to switch to Wednesday night! Which for so, so many reasons is awful timing. It was out of the question. Friday night? Claire goes out of town on the weekends! We were counting on Mondays! Too bad though because now we’re on Tuesday nights from 8-9. Thank you to David Osit for being reasonable and kind and agreeing to actually I don’t even know how this came about besides that now Claire and I are on Tuesdays from 8-10 and David agreed to do something to make this so, and Joe made it so. Good news (for people who love bad news). Whenever I think of the phrase “good news” I cannot help but follow it with “for people who love bad news.” Similarly, when I think of the phrase “Sometimes I wonder,” the following plays through my head--

Whatchu gonn’ be?
A general, a doctor, maybe an MC?


4. Speaking of Will Smith, and the radio, this woman I work with insists on playing the worst music from the 80s on her computer. No one even enjoys it. In fact, people vocally express their dislike of this music! But she somehow ignores it! So while I file, I listen to this horrible horrible music and my ears bleed because I have stuck toothpicks into them in an attempt to rupture my eardrums. But this experience has helped me come to a beneficial conclusion, and it is this:

The only criteria for judging music is whether you can picture Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air dancing to it. If you can, then it is bad music. If you can’t, then it may be good music.

But let me tell you, I was choreographing dances for him in my head to this shit.

5. Classes (Aryelle don’t read this part if you want to be surprised by the content of your letter!)

a. Tolkien: AMAZING. Basically I sit in class for fifty minutes three times a week and drool over the wealth of information I am taking in about an amazing man.

b. Sign language: Lame, pretty much. But I am obsessed with the idea of never stopping things without finishing them so at this rate I’ll probably end up with a freaking degree in ASL.

c. Cognitive Psychology: I can’t really tell yet and the room is so crowded and he goes through the notes like Flash Gordon and I’m just like wow!

d. British Literature: I don’t really enjoy English courses so I don’t really know why I plan on majoring in it. I really like English, though. Just not learning about it. I’d rather just assume that I know everything there is to know already.

e. Ethics: The course isn’t that interesting, actually, but the professor is SO WACKY that I would never even dream of dropping this class. I have never met a more interesting human being. He reminds me of such a specific cartoon character—Mr. Lindenson from Home Movies. The similarities are incredible. I love it. Every class is pure joy.

6. Winter break! Fantstic. I miss home more than anything. Especially because we got a large aquarium and my sister named one of the fish Kanye and many changes to the house were made that I did not even get to investigate! I brought too much junk back to the dorm with me, including many many books and knitting supplies and items of clothing.

Thank you for reading my livejournal entry I hope you liked it.
29 December 2005 @ 07:38 pm
Let’s just talk about my car for a few minutes. On December 23, I went with my uncle and grandmother to the DMV and after a series of lines, forms, and unpleasant people, the car was mine. I still had no idea how to drive it, but it belonged to me. I find that I own a lot of things that I have no idea how to use.

My uncle “taught” me how to drive the car that day, in the snow, in about two hours. Clearly I felt confident in my driving abilities after that session. My father took me out on Christmas Day, which was somewhat more successful.

Today I drove 45 minutes to Niagara Falls for a two-second car inspection by myself in the rain with foggy windows. It was a pretty big leap for me. I don’t know how this situation came about, but I managed to get myself into it again: Monday at 10 am because my car is leaking some sort of liquid.

Christmas just ended like yesterday; it spanned about five days. Christmas in my house is a wild experience. On Christmas Eve we went to my father’s house and he took us four-wheeling, which involved being dragged through the one-inch layer of melting snow covering a vast expanse of mud and broken twigs behind an ATV driven by my father and sometimes my sister. While my sister was driving she ran over a rabbit warren so we had to take a time-out so I could cry a little.

When everyone was finished with screaming and muddy eyes and ripped gloves and twiggy hair, we went back to my father’s house to eat and open presents. The food was awesome and so were the gifts. Michelle’s new puppy was waddling around and pouncing all over everything. My father made me drive his truck home because he was too tired.

Christmas was gifts in the morning, my father in the afternoon, and grandparents + dinner at night. It was fun, but the snow was a bit lacking. It was 40 degrees on Christmas which is pretty much unacceptable.

Gifts included Family Guy, many gift certificates, clothing, many books of sudoku, and a digital camera.

Yesterday I somehow ended up at lunch with Aezad, Zhibo, and Rushad. We went to Bill Gray’s and made a mess. I like to think of it as the best time of my life. We stayed there for like three hours. Afterwards, Beth picked me and Amanda up and we went to dinner at a Thai restaurant. We went back to Amanda’s to watch Saved, hang out with her family, and eat a lot of cookies. At about one in the morning we decided to go to Wal-Mart. It was a good time.

James Freyyyyy is my new favourite. I love books about addiction for some reason. But this one especially (A Million Little Pieces); I cried 943 times. And I want to read the next one ASAP. I also only date addicts. Not consciously. But thin drug-addicted boys are probably the best thing ever invented.