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26 January 2006 @ 03:04 pm
Sometimes when I am bored and between classes, I wonder to myself:  

For your reference:

●Direction of peace


●Direction of A-Town


Feel free to shout the following:



●Usher (Usher, Usher, Usher)

●Lil’ John

●yeah (x12)

●let’s go

Things I am trying to do whilst in the club with the homies:

●get a little V-I

●keep it down on the low key

▫you know how it feels


Actions taken by shorty:

●checkin’ up on me

●spittin’ game in my ear

▫in a manner which suggested she knew me


●we decided to chill


Weight of the conversation relative to air:


Further actions taken by shorty:

●making me feel as if she’s ready to blow

▫a warning:

-watch out!

▫a second warning:

-watch out!

●saying “come get me”

▫which, in turn, caused me to get up and follow her to the floor

●saying “baby let’s go”

When I told her I said:

●yeah (yeah)

▫To recap previous events, shorty got down low and said “come and get me”

●yeah (yeah)

▫However, I got so caught up that I forgot she told me

●yeah (yeah)

▫Aforementioned shorty and my girl used to be the best of homies

●yeah (yeah)

▫Next thing I knew she was all up on me screaming

-“yeah,” twelve times

Effects induced by shorty:

●she’s all up in my head now

●got me thinking that it might be a good idea to take her with me

▫she’s ready to leave

▫let's go


●I gotta keep it real now

▫shorty’s ranking on a scale from one to ten:

-certifiably twenty

●that just ain’t me


What I don’t know:

●where I will be led if I take this chance

What I do know:

●the way she dances makes shorty all right with me

▫especially the way she gets low, which causes me to

-proclaim “yeah, work that out for me”

-respond “yeah” to her question “one more dance?”


+how the hell am I supposed to leave?


●things to watch out for:

▫my outfit, which is ridiculous


~the club, looking so conspicuous

▫these women all on the prowl


-hold the head steady

~for I plan to milk the cow

●things to forget about:


●what Ima do:

▫spit the troof:

-I won’t stop til I get them in they birthday suits

●consequences of giving me the rhythm

▫it’ll be off with their clothes

▫bend over to the front and touch your toes

●car that remains at home:

▫the Jag

●car I opted to take:

▫the Rolls

-which, if the following occurs, women will not be riding in:

~they ain’t cuttin’

●a query, now that you know my pinky is valued at over three hundred thousand dollars:

▫how you like me now?


▫let’s drink

▫are the one to please

●the manner in which Ludacris fills cups:

▫similar to that of double Ds

●Ursh and Ludacris both:

▫leaves ‘em dead

▫want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed

Rewind this song to again hear the following people and their respective talents that make your booty go (smack):

●Lil’ John, the beat

●Ursher, the voice

●Ludacris, the flow

●Once more, Lil’ John and his beat

Read it while you listen to the song, seriously. I can't even think about how long I spent on this.
Alexis: R U N DA MOOD4LUV?bate on January 27th, 2006 05:17 am (UTC)



I couldn't help myself and now I have to double apologize! I'm sorry about my lack of responses; I only just got everything all at once, and I'm so bad about actually mailing the letters I write you (even writing them is hard!). There's stuff I need to talk with you about, but I have such titanic amounts of affection for you that I wrote a short story about you and me (there's symbolism!). It may not be to your liking, but I like it, and I have just realized that that's all I need.* I'm still writing your return letter, also. That is going to be mailed, and your story is going to be emailed. Moreover, I had planned to blitz you with them all at once, and IM you. Anyway, sorry again for not getting back to you sooner. I was very cruel to leave you alone for so long. The other sorry is for not being able to resist anymore and ruining the surprise blitz. Sorry!

Anyhow, you're on. Let's smash.

*more on this later