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18 June 2006 @ 10:43 pm
We Don't Agitate the Dots  
This week/end was probably one of the best in my entire life. I spent it with so many people and in so many places. I contribute a great deal of my happiness to the fact that I got my car back, finally. It only takes me $25 to fill the tank and I do a little dance every time I put gas into it because I am so thankful that I'm not paying like $50. Actually, the phrase "every time" there was wrong, because I've only filled it once so far. But I plan to do it from now on.

Coffee with Aryelle
I'm not sure when exactly this took place. It may have been last weekend. BUT it was wonderful, to be sure. Ary picked me up and we went to Cafe Aroma. I had never been there before but it was very good. I had a cranberry scone. We talked about mothers, LOST, and probably some other non-important things, like marriage.

Game Night at Aryelle's
I played Risk with Aryelle, Courtney, Kenny, and Suzy. Other people were present, including Suzette, of course. I like these people a great deal, and I also met some new ones! Kenny dominated at Risk, even though Courtney Suzy Aryelle and I all had an alliance against him. It's because he's so freaking intimidating.

Beth Sleepoverrrrrrrrr
This is another activity from last weekend, when my parents were out of town. Beth and I basically just watched dumb videos on YouTube and MXC and like...the worst things ever. Unreal. There was nothing else to do, in our defense. We resolved to learn how to dance. Also to volunteer at a nursing home.

LOST at Care's House Take One
The following night, Ary invited me to view Season Two of LOST at Care's house. Obviously, since LOST is my healthiest of addictions, I could not refuse. On the way to Care's (DRIVING MY OWN CAR AWESUM), I was at a stoplight next to a cute boy. I followed him into Mighty Taco. We had a short conversation. Is this normal? Emmy told me that one time she almost got into a car accident because she was looking at a cute boy, but she is usually not normal, so I worry about myself. At Care's house, some of my favourite people in the universe were assembled. Elle and Kenny, Care of course, and THIS DAY AND AGE, in our first(?) reunion since prom. What an excellent bunch. Also I met someone named Charlie, who was a good person to meet. It was fun to watch LOST with people who hadn't seen the season yet. Actually, it was just fun to watch because that show is so freaking amazing. It kept me at Care's house until arrpox. 1:30 am, even though I had work the next day.

LOST at Care's House Take Two
Again! Pretty much the same people were there, and I think we ended up watching through the thirteenth episode. I left at like three in the morning, even though Aryelle had gone home an hour earlier. After every episode we were like, 'okay, one more for REAL.' Kenny was the main advocate for the 'one more' plan. My favourite part of the night was Charlie making Aryelle drive his little brother home when she left so that he could stay and watch LOST. I also liked pretty much every word that came out of Flare's mouth, including but not limited to "boobs" and "poop."

Night Out with JEM
JEM is a cute acronym that I made up just now and it stands for Johanna, Emmy, & Mel. I forget exactly what we did. I'm pretty sure we just sat in the basement for a real long time and talked about watching a movie but it never occurring.

Hanging Out with my Sister's Friends
Is it strange that I like them more than some of my own? Quinn is sixteen, so it's not that large of an age difference. Everything she says is honestly the funniest thing ever. I spent the day tanning/swimming/hot tubbing with Quinn and Bri and Kelsey.

Garage Sale MADNESS
I went to Beth's garage sale for Jeffrey's scholarship fund and they had the greatest amount of stuff I have ever ever seen at a garage sale in my life. I bought a gigantic Sabres pillow, and a set of Children's Encyclopedias from 1985. You may think this is an odd thing to buy, but it is not. Because it is comprised of sixteen volumes of

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Father's Day
I had initially planned to write out the whole history of my relationship with my father but that would definitely be a bad idea. So instead I will just write down the activities of the day, like every other livejournal entry. I drove over to his house at noon and we visited the graves of my grandfathers, which is a very sad thing to do. But good for memories. Afterwards we ate lunch and went to the Niagara Gorge. This is my favourite activity in the entire world, without exception. Especially with my father. It's such a beautiful place. I could sit with my feet in the river for hours. We ended up going on a five mile hike that culminated in 427 stairs, which my sister made me travel up nonstop. It was horrible. And probably very unhealthy for me, as I almost passed out afterwards. Brianna had no sympathy. We returned home and made dinner for dad and then bblah blalh albahaha this is lame.

I actually picked up people's phone calls, and I even called Johanna to hang out with her. I don't know what is going on with me. Maybe it is just a phase.

I look forward to work now, which is something new for me. I have an hour for lunch and I walk to Stabucks to see Johanna or Steve's Pets to play with puppies, or SoupHerb to eat fantastic sandwiches. Tomorrow if it's nice I want to go to Glen Park. And maybe eat the really overpriced granola I purchased in a doomed attempt to be healthier. I also like the work part of work, now that I am slowly memorizing diagnosis codes and deciphering everyone's ailments. There are a surprising number of cases of rectal bleeding, which I didn't really care to know about. Mostly they're lame things like diabetes or back pain. Be more creative, people.

Pictures from the Corning Museum of Glass that I Didn't go to and Now Regret:
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osit on June 19th, 2006 03:45 am (UTC)
you didn't go?! i TOLD you to go! i TOLD you how amazing it is!
Autumnlautumnnnna on June 19th, 2006 10:12 pm (UTC)
David, i KNOW. I really need to start listening to you when you tell me things because so far you have been right every single time.
careerac on June 19th, 2006 04:26 am (UTC)
woo hoooo!!!! im so glad you were able to partake in our 'lost' insanity. :) :) :)!!
Autumnlautumnnnna on June 19th, 2006 10:14 pm (UTC)
me too! thanks for having us over and feeding us delicious apple crisp :)