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22 December 2005 @ 10:17 pm
Something about being home makes it so much easier to update my livejournal more often. I'll attribute this to the fact that there is absolutely nothing to do in Buffalo.

Except the other night Claire, Paige, Stevie, and I went to Dave & Buster's--part casino, part Chuck E. Cheese; containing the worst aspects of both. The combination of drunk adults and small, screaming children is far too overwhelming for anything. It was fun though. We only stayed for a little while.

Since I've been home I've only seen Beth, Claire, and Paige, but I am perfectly content with that. Tomorrow Beth, Amanda, and I are going to school to visit. I'm so excited to see Amanda. Mostly because I know she has wild stories, and partially because I want to hang out with her family.

So there was a bomb threat at North a couple days ago...a man had written a letter to the Amherst Police a week before and they were like mmmokay but then he called the high school that morning so they had to evacuate to Casey and the bomb-sniffing dogs had to come and all these things. Awesome.

I still have to buy gifts for Brianna, Paige, Beth, Amanda, and Elle. Pretty much I'm just going to wait until after Christmas and buy everything for cheap. Just kidding.

Oh! The car. On Wednesday I went with my uncle and grandmother to the DMV and wasted ten hours of my life in line to be gifted with a car. And then I spent ten more hours trying to use said car. First of all, it was the worst weather imaginable. Secondly, I am way too impatient to drive a standard.

My father's girlfriend got a puppy. It would be a lot cuter if it didn't smell like smoke.

I visited work today and everyone there loves me and it was such a pleasant experience.
18 December 2005 @ 09:41 pm
This entry will completely reek of obligation, just so everyone knows. I’m just putting that out there. But ever since I started journaling in real-people land, the thought of typing online makes me vomit into my mouth a little bit.

FIRST and most importantly—I am going home to Buffal♥ tomorrow night. Am I pumped? Completely. At times, I am even jazzed. I am excited to see lovely people such as Paigey-poop, Amanda, Elle, Janice, Rossifer, and A$; all of whom I have not seen for some time. Our reunion will probably be joyous and awkward, unless there is alcohol present, in which case it will just be joyous awkward.

I also enjoy the fact that I could not do schoolwork even if I wanted to because I am in limbo right now between semesters. It is a lovely feeling. Actually, tomorrow I have an exam that I plan on failing. It’ll be pretty cool. Almost as cool as updating my livejournal instead of studying.

Let’s talk about what has been going on.

Actually, let’s not, because a lot of it angers me.

Out of the twenty thousand people I’ve met in college, I’d say that about…twenty of them actually belong here. Where are the Sophias, Matthews, and Alexises of the University of Rochester? Not anywhere that I've been. Mimi and I try to make quality friends a lot, but the only one we've nabbed is the cashier at Douglass, who let us use all our club meals.

SPEAKING OF DOUGLASS I MET DON VITO AND GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH and you should all be jealous. Best moment of my life, no exaggeration.

I’m so popular because of my dolphin noise, seriously. It’s a really adaptive quality. If you can’t do it, you’ll probably become extinct.

I need a digital camera in the worst way.

Claire and I had our first radio show last week. It was all right except we were locked out so Claire sprinted across campus to find someone while I did a frantic dance outside the station door involving my knees and elbows and knocked until my knuckles bled and I had to pee the whole time and the minutes were counting down until we had to go on and I thought Claire had slipped on the ice and cracked her head open and I whined a lot, just noises, until Claire came back in but she couldn't breathe so I didn't know what was going on so I thought she had been attacked but then Ally came and opened the door for us and it turns out we weren't even scheduled to be on the air even though we were told we were so all of that was for nothing except we were like hell no and just went on ten minutes late. After that it was pretty badass.

My newest skill is making bookmarks out of index cards. It’s everyone’s Christmas present so act surprised.

This is freaking retarded-
19 November 2005 @ 12:28 pm
All I need to say right now is that last night I watched someone, for thirty minutes, try to snort a piece of spaghetti, in the hopes that it would exit through his mouth. It didn't. It just dangled there, in his throat, until the announcement came: "it's gone."

We also heard the story of the boy who stole a tractor and bike-locked it to a tree near campus.

Wild, wild people go to college.

So if things turn out as planned, Claire and I will have a radio show. It will probably be the best thing you've ever heard.

If things go further as planned I will be taking the following courses next semester-

American Sign Language
Cognitive Psychology
Romantic Literature (probably to become British Literature)
(Elle this one is for you)
a class about JRR Tolkien and Lord of the Rings

Plus working at that place that I work.

On Monday I am going back to Buffalo to see Bright Eyes. Then Claire is driving Beth and I home on Tuesday night. Events in Buffalo will include Elle's Tuesday Night Extravaganza, RENT, high school visitation, church, lots of food and family, Harry Potter, and who even KNOWS what else.

And now it is Saturday and I have nothing to do for this entire weekend. This pleases me greatly.

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27 October 2005 @ 04:22 pm
Basically...my life right now is the greatest thing ever.

Last weekend I went home for Saturday night/Sunday day and went to church and surprised Elle who I love so dearly. My parents and aunt and cousin came up and my mother and aunt were Russian spies and I was a person they were so proud of and we had a good time although it was a little cold.

I am so happy with the people in my life right now. I finally feel like there's balance and the high school SHIT is gone. I miss home a lot sometimes, but just because I miss Beth and Ally and Elle and Janine. I've kept in contact with exactly the right number of people from high school. It's fantastic.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm just looking forward to spending it with awesome people, namely Claire Mimi and Katie.

I have done so much re-focusing since I've been here it's crazy. But I'm very pleased with the outcome.
15 October 2005 @ 04:39 pm
My journey home to Buffalo was fantastic, mostly due to one miss Aryelle. We played with clay and fairies and made waffles and whipped cream with fruit. Then my dog ate it. I went to church with her on Sunday and saw lovelies such as Courtney and Kenny. The visit also made me semi-surriously consider transferring to UB because I really miss every thing about home.

Another semi-serious consideration involves the experience of watching Claire get a tattoo the other day. Friggin awesome. But I don't think that I am up for that much pain or permanance.

Everyone is home this weekend except me because I'm really lame and have a lot of work to do. Instead I am knitting a massive scarf and watching television. Today I ate sushi and iced tea which seems to occur a lot in my life.

A couple nights agao I had a dream that featured Alexis, only he was played by Dane Cook. Who was Dominican. My life is so wild.

It is almost my birthday! October 28. Feel free to send me ponies through the mail.
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03 October 2005 @ 10:41 pm
ATTN Errrvreyone:

In approx. four days I will be back in Buffalo. I am delighted that I get to see my lovely Elle-belle (as I have just now decided to call her). Claire is playing a show on Saturday night at Clarence Coffee House, so I think that you should all go to it. Mimi and Dave will be staying with me at my home so if you would like to stop by and meet/harass them you are welcome to do so.

Aside from that fact I have no real news. Things have been going swimmingly. I went to a Sabres game the other night and remembered that I enjoy hockey a great deal.

Last night I woke up out of a sound sleep at 4 am and had nothing to do but wait for four hours until it was time for me to take a shower and go to class. It was a time of serious introspection and lucid dreams and I think I injured my foot as well.

I've been trying to write a thesis statement for this paper for the past three days. It's not really a difficult task but I haven't been too interested in paying attention to things lately.

So...let me know if you want to hang out on Friday/Saturday/possibly Sunday of this coming weekend.

OH. Other news that for some reason slipped my mind even though I'm really excited about it--I'm getting a car. A free car. A free car from 1993 that is also a stick shift. Sometimes I think I must be the luckiest girl in the world. But yeah, it's my Aunt Laura's and so when she and Uncle Craig come down here for Christmas they are signing it over to me and teaching me how to use it and all sorts of lovely things like that.
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Shana Tova if I know you and you're Jewish which at this point is pretty much limited to my roommate and Margot & Emily. And Paige.
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11 September 2005 @ 01:18 am
Trust me, I am working on the "omg college is amazing" update, but until then I just have this one things to say--

Today I missed Stephanie Carland more than I have ever missed another human being in my entire lifetime.

It was at The Clarks show and everyone was outside and it was a nice day and this girl appeared and she danced so much like Steph and she had a cute little haircut and made cute faces and made everyone else happy.


The end.

College is amazing, by the way.

So is God, you should check Him out.
13 August 2005 @ 10:01 pm
Fat People in the Front of the Magic Kingdom Boat
There was a fatty, her name was Fat
And to her fourteen sides there sat
A girl named Jess and one called Collette
Who are the dumbest people I've ever met
Without the aid of alcohol these three astound
As the ears of eavesdroppers marvel at what they've found:
Fatty Fat Fat is memorized by light
Much like a moth on its final flight
Collete ruined Christmas. And the conversation.
According to Fat, she can hang out with Satan
Fat points out the buffeteria
She knows all the best places around here-ia
Not only that--she knows the details of Disney; all
That was until Jess's dreaded PHONE CALL!
"Hello? Hello?" But no one was there
But Jess and her fat were too fat to care
The alligators, they thought, were sure to attack
But we're on a ship now girls, there's no turning back

"But we're fat! And we're tasty! We're dumb and we're worthless!
No one else would get eaten! No one else would deserve this!"
Collete dude, calm down. Stop interrupting.
You ruined it all; I was in the middle of something
As I was saying, I know every resort
There's one in the wilderness--you live in a fort!
There's these HUGE little cabins with all these creatures
And food. Buffeterias. Many nice features.
"Fat, you're so smart! I just wish I was you!"
"Keep eating your vegetables fatgables; soon you will be too!"
"Oh YAY I'm ex--"
"Hey FAT! Do you know when Disney was made?"
"I think like 1900. 1810. The Contemporary was first. It looks old but it's new"
"I bet you could even get married there too!"
"But seriously Collette, those things cost so much money
I'm serious. Honest. It's not even funny."
No one likes you. Go die.

CAF '05 AML '05

We're in Hell Part One
A.L. and C.F.

We're on a plane in Blatimore
Reminding us of days of yore
The ice is de-ed, again, de-iced
The man behind us doesn't follow Christ
He's a believer of a differect sect
One that doesn't use the same alphabet
But that's okay! He keeps us entertained
Even though his worshipping sounds pained

A poor westerner sits to his right
Thinking: Why is there war? Why must we fight?
And then he remembers--this isn't Iraq
My seat and my dignity's under attack
"NO! I will not give this seat up to you!
Go find your own somewhere back up there! Shoo!
Anything but Muslim! An alien! A Jew!
My work here is done! I'm using the loo!"

A cute little boy giggles softly, unknowing
That we may never leave this de-icing Boeing
We're in Hell Part One, we're in Hell for life
And nothing will end this unbearable strife
We're second to take off! Oh wait, it doesn't MATTER
My heart, my dreams, my hope: a-shatter

Delirium eats away at my heart
But after de-icing we're fifth to depart
I'm losing my trust in you, airline of hope
Comparable to Disney in service?--NOPE!
I hope for a fast pass for my future flight
No one likes you. Die.
13 August 2005 @ 07:10 pm
January 29 Five-Hour Driving Course

road test within a couple weeks! (big smile)
1-518-486-6639 <--new phone number
1. permit #
2. five-hour cert # (large and red)
3. zipcode
-->late boy arrives (Dee-trek?)

Three Sections are as follows:
-->I. Traffic laws, rules of the road, all of the stuff
-->II. Alcohol + drugs
-->III. Safety=good
*shout out wrong answers
*encouraged participation (we are like a family)
...PROBLEM: 1,000,000 accidents collisions "oopsies"
# one reason for not reporting: no insurance
(second reason=drunk)

9:28 am: I really like the man in the back corner (Bob)
9:30 am: I plan to say "ten!" no matter what the question is

[picture of my dream car, complete with pegasus wings]

9:32 am: I'm really hot
*before pulling away:
-->look ahead
-->rearview mirror, side mirror, blind spot

9:34 am: eric lied to my face-->trust is GONE
9:36 am: the pressure is on for Elle
-------->i wonder whether Elle has an internal clock because she is pulling times from NOWHERE
9:38 am: i realize that Elle has no internal clock because she just experienced seven minutes that only took me two to live through
*Keep traffic flowing-->if it's clear, keep going, don't stop twice
(everybody understands that; this is expressed via nodding)
*Whoever gets there first gets to go first; even if someone else really wants to go, we have to take turns
9:42 am: Aryelle is a liar
-------->I LOVE BOB

*Communicating with Drivers:
--cell phone
--exiting the vehicle and tapping on the other car's window
9:42 am: Aryelle asked me to hold her pen and I licked it
*LOL six car lengths
9:50 am: I got a question right and it wasn't even my turn
9:53 am: Aryelle and I practically kissed
*Claim the turn, commit yourself to the turn
--Keep tires straight
--Turn even if light changes

*Eric is cool, calm, and collected
9:58 am: Elle knocks over her coffee cup and, in a stunning display of rebellion, REFUSES to pick it up
10:03 am to 10:04 am: Melanie doesn't know
10:04 am: Elle is not funny

*Eric does a nice honking motion
10:06 am: I am confused because Eric uses a green marker to illustrate a red light
*Late boy is probably "Detriech" and of German heritage
10:10 am: Bob suggests "hanging out"
*Stop if you can't go
10:14 am: Boy sitting next to me is secretly the funniest person ever and suggests hitting a bicyclist to the complete shock and awe of everyone else in the room
*Kill people? Okay
10:17 am: Elle gets the easiest question EVER. I plan to hit her with my car while she's on her bike--Eric says it's easy
*If Elle and I were on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I'd be Hilary and she'd be Carlton
10:22 am: Eric walks out of the room
10:26 am: I suck at life and drawing the fishing rod guy from Super Mario
? to 10:32 am: out-of-body experience. I have no recollection of the past ____ minutes
*Non-action is the answer
*Eric suggests insurance fraud
-->cutting someone off
-->weaving (in and out of traffic//handicrafts)
-->gestures (middle finger,sign of the cross)
Solution--mellow out
10:41 am: we are asked to list emotions
anger, sadness, joy, fatigue, jubilation, melancholy
10:42 am: Chinese/otherwise Asian boy is hard to understand
***After an accident, do not lead angry man to your home
10:45 am: Film Number One "Street Smarts"
-->Slow motion and awesome music
-->Happiness turns out to be a cruel farce
-->Black man out of NOWHERE brings us back to reality
-->Jesse needs an attitude adjustment
-->Chimes signal black man is in close proximity
10:51 am: Elle wins at life
-->Note: buy soundtrack
-->Black man is also homosexual?
-->Plot twist!!! Black man=guardian angel

PART II: Alcohol
Resume time: 11:16 am
11:23 am: test completed
---------->boy next to me plays with the hair of the person in front of him in a desperate attempt to enter this notebook. Mission accomplished, my friend.

*Let's go drinking after class--everyone's invited
*Car insurance=biggest risk of drunk driving
11:40 am: Boy next to me falls in love with me

Film Number Two: "Deadliest Weapon In America"
-->Makes me not want to attend U of R
-->Alcohol kills and maims
-->Alcohol turns you into a feral beast
-->Could they please edit the clock out?
11:45 am: Eric does a crossword. A seven-letter word for death?...Alcohol.
11:48 am: If Deb was here she'd be crying
-->"You can't presume life because you can't predict death"
-->Video games model real life
-->Name son daughter "Hermie"
-->Conclusion: This movie needed an African American guardian angel

*Does anyone even know that drugs are illegal?
12:43 pm: Chinese boy returns a lighter (???) to Bob
-I think my boyfriend is cheating on me =(
*The mood in this room has gone from nervous silence to drug-induced hysteria in four hours
-Garrick became an alcoholic and left me for another woman. I think I'll drink and drive
1:16 pm: The girl in the back's annoyance level has increased tenfold since the break
*Put kids in the trunk, says Bob
1:16 pm: we discover that Bob doesn't drive a car, much like the crazy girl in the Breakfast Club who goes to detention for fun
1:27 pm: I discover that by "bike," Bob meant "motorcycle". Creepiness factor increases by eight.
1:29 pm: Aryelle is a RETARD

Film Number Three "The Ride of Your Life"
-->We are precautioned to "hang on for the ride of our lives"
-->In order to win, you must live.
1:31 pm: Aryelle dropped her cell phone for the 80th time
1:32 pm: 82 (to spite me)
--------->83 (accidental and therefore a lot funnier)

-->"Seatbelts can trap you in a burning car! I'd much rather be thrown clear of an accident!"
-->Wear the belt every day
1:43 pm: Aryelle's pen experiences failure
-->"It's obvious! They don't work anyway!"
-->Live volunteers crash cars into trees in Germany
-->"Airbags: They cost more money and you'll never use them"
-->"Only a wimp would wear a seatbelt. I don't want to look like a chicken."
1:47 pm: Elle stabs me with her pen
-->Use guilt to make others wear a seatbelt aka "take a leadership position"
1:49 pm: Elle plays Bejeweled
1:51 pm: The best experience of my life is over
2:01 pm: I slam my head into Aryelle's car